CS35 Homework #3:

Analysis Tools

Due in class Wednesday, 26 September 2007

For this assignment you may write your solutions by hand or type your solutions. There is no programming for this assignment. You may also work with one partner on this assignment. If you work with a partner, you may submit a single assignment with both of your names on the paper. The solution to each problem should be a collaborative effort. Do not simply divide the work into two parts.

Textbook Problems
Write up solutions to the following problems in the textbook.
  1. R-4.12
  2. R-4.15, R-4.16, R-4.17, R-4.18, R-4.19. Give a brief explanation of how you arrived at your solution. Can you suggest a asymptotically faster solution to 4.19? If so, explain. Note that these problems refer to code fragment 4.5 on page 183.
  3. C-4.8, C-4.10, C-4.11
  4. C-4.16 or C-4.18. For 4.18, how many taste testers do you expect to die?
Hand in your nicely handwritten or typed solutions to me at the start of class on Wednesday.